Bhaktapur City Tour

Published Date: 2020-02-25

This travel blog on Bhaktapur will help you to visit temple town and cultural capital of Nepal. Bhaktapur city is a UNESCO’s town city in Nepal. As  we know it is the city of art, culture, traditions and festivals. In a year people in Bhaktapur city, celebrates more than 100 festivals. Bhaktapur city itself is a live museum where history lives and breathes. The reason, why this city is called UNESCO’s town city is, many historically important places like Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapolo Temple, Duttatraya Square, Pottery Square are located here. These all places carry different history of ancient Kingdom of Bhaktapur.

Talking about the Durbar Square, there are precious traditional arts on all side and the city is also fully functional and full of museums. Unfortunately, during 2015 earthquake, a lot of structures were damaged, they are still under the recovery. A city itself is a traditional newari city, its neighborhoods are still caste oriented and centered around the old ponds. There are farmers  engaged in the traditional crafts of pottery, metalwork, art and woodwork which have supported their profession and the city for tourism.

Another aspects which make this city special is detailed carvings of temples, buildings, windows, entirely by wood. You can find these types of arts everywhere in the city.

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