Chitwan National Park

Published Date: 2020-03-02

As being a nature lover, I recommend every nature lover to visit Chitwan Natonal Park.  Just a safari in this park is enough to get the experience of wild life and  to see the wild animals, such as one horn rhino, deer and many more. The park also has bengal tiger but you have to be lucky to see them. Chitwan National Park is the first National Park in Nepal and later crowned as a World Heritage Site. The Chitwan National Park is one of the favorite destination listed in every nature-lovers travel list.  This national park is a home to so many species of flora and fauna that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

The best month to travel here is the months of October till March which are very ideal. However, the best time to see the huge variety of beautiful species here is from January till March. I am suggesting new travelers best things to do in Chitwan.

  1. Elephant Safari/ Jeep Safari

This is the mostly doing activity in Chitwan national park. This safari offers you amazing experience of jungle safari along with the wild life experience, bird watching, flora and faunas.

2. Elephant Breeding center

In this visit you will see  how elephants meals are prepared and how they eat, and you will get various information on the nature and habits of elephants. The unique center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephant trapping for domestication.

3. Canoeing at Rapti River

Canoeing at Rapti river will be one of the best experience you will ever had. This ride itself is amazing along with the beautiful nature and live crocodiles.

4.Village Tour

Tharu village is an ancient and one of the best village in Nepal where culture lives and breathes.

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