Trek to Paanchpokhari Ramechhap 4514M

Published Date: 2020-01-29

paanchpokhari ramechhap trek (4514 M).
( Janaipurnima )

2 days before trek , Kathmandu

Got all the stuffs you need during the trek to paanchpokhari. I preffer good slippers than the gum boot during the trek. Got chocolates which gives you more energy during.

1 day before the trek , kathmandu
Recheck all the stuffs we were carrying during the trek.

Day 1 kathmandu to garjang (1917 M).
We took the local bus, Kathmandu to Garjang from Koteshwor . 6am-7am bus headed to Garjang through kavre, Dolakha and Sindhupalchwok and We reached to destination on the same day. which will take you 13 hrs to reach garjang from kathmandu. Road to garjang is narrow and the roads are worse(muddy road) after crossing jiri. Once we reached the last bus station (garjang). We stayed at homestay with good local food.

Day 2 garjang to khahare (2174 M).
Waking up early in the morning and done with breakfast we startd our trek to khahare( The shortest distance in the whole trek ). which was going take you 3-4hrs to reach khahare, depending upon our walking speed. we also visited gumba and mahadev temple which lies on our way to Khahare. Walking along with the khimti River we reached our destinatio Khahare.

Day 3 Khahare to Manedada 3937 M.
This day was our toughest day of our trek and longest distance was to be covered on this day, and took us whole day to reach Manedada. Panipakha 3180M was our the first rest spot with small tea house (Temporary teahouse opened for the pilgrimage who are going to panchpokhari for janaipurnima). The paths were getting steeper and tougher after Panipakha. Walking for 2 hrs you we reached Phokte 3400M which was our rest spot after Panipakha and continued our trek to Manedada. we reached reached Manedada with tiresome hike we sheltered in small dairy where we got to stay with good food.

Day 4 Manedada to panchpokhari 4514 M.
From Manedada we headed toward paanchpakhari, from manedada way to Baulaha Pokhari and Paanchpokhari separates. we got to meet alot of pilgrims. From Mane Dada, the path was strainght and easy for a while and we needed to hike again. Before reaching Paanchpokhari, we reached jatapokhari. On the way to Jatapokhari the trek was getting intereting, the beaty of nature was justvbreathtaking and the waterfall was just beautiful. Afer walking for 3hrs we reachd Jatapokhari 4250 M. After having teabreak in Jatapokhari (Temporary teahouse opened for the pilgrimage who are going to panchpokhari for janaipurnima) we headed toards Paanchpokhari. The way to Paanchpokhari from Jatapokhari was short but super tough than we tought. Climbinig for 2 hrs we got to see Paanchpokhari from the up hill. We can see both Jatapokhari and Paanchpokhari, and the view was beathtakng. We started to set our tent.

Day 5 Paanchpokhari 4514 M.
The day of Janaipurnima.
All the pilgrims gathered started offering prayers. Amazed to see people taking a dip in the cold water in such a freezing wather while we were havig a hard time just to wash our hands and face. we also offered our prayers.

Last at Paanchpokhari and we came back to Garjang 1917M
,it took us like 10 hrs to reach Garjang.

Day 6
We took bus from Garjung to Kathmandu. By noon reached home safely.

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