About Nepal

About Nepal.

Our small and Beautiful Nepal with attributing an angelic beauty is situated between two large countries called China in north and India in three sides. According to the census report of 2001 A.D. the population of country Nepal is 2,31,51,423 and its area is 1,47,181 sq.km.The population density of Nepal is 154 people in per sq.km but the valley and the plains are densely populated.

Nepal is a agro based country. Eighty percent of the people of Nepal are depend upon the agriculture. Although the people of various social group, various religions, they really practice “Unity in Diversity“. The follower of one religion respect the follower of the another religion. Most of the people of the Nepal follow the Hindu religion, and rest of the people follow the religion like Buddhism, Muslim, Christian, etc.

Our Beautiful Nepal is famous for the angelic beauties, unique wonders and gifts in the world, although it is a land-locked country. It is famous for hills, rivers, lakes and mountains. Tourist come here for relaxation in their holiday. The highest mountain peak Mount Everest in the world, fascinates many foreign tourist everyday. Through tourism we can earn foreign money which can be invest in development project. Nepal is rich in water resources it is the second richest country in water in the world. Many rivers flow from the mountain and it passes through the Terai.About Nepal Many brooks and stream serves the people in many ways. They are advantageous for irrigation, transportation, rafting, running hydroelectricity projects and so on.

It is said that “Hario Ban Nepal Ko Dhan“. In fact we can get many advantages from the forest. Our country Nepal seems to be beautiful because of the green forest, but nowadays forest is being destroyed in many ways. But also many awareness program are conducted. National parks and wild-life reserves preserve many wild animals. Many tourist come here to watch them.

Our Beautiful Nepal is a developing country. About 50% of the Nepalese people are literate. Many school and colleges have been running all over the country. Due to high percent of poverty, Nepalese children do not go to school.

We Nepalese people respect each other. We do feel most of the people love the nation. We feel the mother and mother lands are same. We do hope that our country Nepal will be best and famous country in the world in the coming future.