List of all 51 countries in Europe

Europe is a unique continent, not surrounded by neighboring countries. Physiographically, it occupies the northwestern part of the great land mass known as Eurasia and is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the West by the Atlantic Ocean, the South by the Mediterranean Sea and the South. is by the Black Sea.

The definition of the correct border between two continents is a big question for geographers and politicians. Nowadays, it is common in the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

Today, Europe comprises 51 independent states. Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey are transcontinental countries, located partly in Europe and Asia. Armenia and Cyprus are considered politically as European countries, although they are geographically located on the territory of Western Asia.

The largest country in Europe is Russia (37% of the total area of the continent) and the smallest is the Vatican City, which occupies only a very small territory in the center of Rome.

The most visited are in Paris with the best capital in the world, followed by Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.